Free to download and free to use, circle keeps you in touch with friends, relatives, parents and children, letting them know you are safe, where you are or alerting them if you need assistance.

What is circle?

Circle is a general safety app. Circle has been designed to help you stay connected by putting you one tap away from your friends and family – your very own safety network.

Circle helps you look out for the people you care about and worry a little less when they are out of sight. It is free to download and free to use and works on the one thing that we always carry around – our Smartphone.

Circle has been developed in collaboration with community safety teams from Southwark Council, Enfield Council and a number of voluntary sector organisations.

How does it work?

Circle has 4 main functions; Check in, interrupt me, come and get me and the Safe site locator.

Check-in: Let your family and friends know where you are.

How often do you find yourself receiving calls or texts just to ask ‘where are you?’ It can be difficult or inconvenient to reassure your family and friends all the time with phone calls and texts. Circle just sends a Check in message with one touch of a button.

Collect me: Get help when you need it

Sometimes we all find ourselves in need of some help; a lost wallet or purse or lose track of your friends on a night out. There are times when we just need to ask someone we trust to come to our assistance. Send a Collect me message to your safety network of family and friends with your location with one touch of a button.

Interrupt me: Feeling uncomfortable and need to excuse yourself?

Feeling a bit uncomfortable and need a reason to excuse yourself? Being hassled by someone in the pub but finding it difficult to make a phone call or send a text? Send a one touch Interrupt me message

Safe site locator: Find your nearest safe locations

If you find yourself away from home and feeling vulnerable and need to find a place of safety, you can tap on the ‘safe site’ locator and circle will present you with your nearest police stations and ‘safe sites’ that have been approved by your local council.

London Wide Pilot

London Councils Capital Ambition Programme are supporting a London-wide pilot of Circle with Southwark Council as the lead Borough.

Xantura’s Circle app will help Councils:

· Build knowledge of how digital technology can empower vulnerable people.

· Improve the effectiveness and take pressure off service interventions.

· Support Early Help with hidden populations.

For more information on how to capitalise on this opportunity and understand the benefits Circle can have for your service teams and your budgets, please contact us.