Who we are

We’re a technology company that’s all about people

Founded in 2008, Xantura is a leading provider of data sharing and advanced analytics to the public sector.

But we didn’t start with the technology. We started with what needed to change in social care: agencies not coordinating to identify and support the people most in need.

We’re passionate about empowering public sector professionals to overcome this problem so they can make a bigger long-term impact. And we believe in doing it in an ethical, liberal and people-focused way.

We’re a private sector company with public sector values

Our priority is protecting the vulnerable. It’s why we advocate for others using advanced analytics carefully to address society’s fundamental problems.

And it’s why we want them to follow our lead in tackling the information governance challenges this work involves. Because the more organisations that do what we do, the more lives will be changed through data.

Meet the leadership team

Wajid Shafiq

Wajid Shafiq

Founder and CEO

Wajid has been implementing cutting-edge software solutions since 1988. But it was the serious case reviews of the early 2000s that inspired him to apply those skills to help the vulnerable. Since founding Xantura in 2008, Wajid has deployed OneView to more than 80 public sector organisations in the UK – with a consistent focus on helping them better support their clients.

Tom Davies

Tom Davies

Chief Operating Officer

Tom has been helping organisations understand the benefits of using tech solutions to solve their biggest issues for over 10 years. More recently, he’s been applying this approach to projects helping vulnerable people. He joined Xantura in 2019 and has been engaging with local authorities and their partners to explain why and how to implement it in their organisations.

Hannah Celia

Hannah Celia


Hannah’s a clinical criminologist with more than 20 years’ experience of designing, developing and managing services for society’s most vulnerable people. She applies her knowledge of risks and protective factors to understanding our clients’ big challenges. And she uses her project management and data-sharing skills to help them get the most out of OneView.

Mark Dale

Mark Dale

Products and Solutions Director

Mark directly oversees the data matching/outcome monitoring process undertaken for the client. Mark ensures that business requirements are catered for and that the desired matching outcomes, integration services and reporting mechanisms are effectively delivered.

What we believe

Driving our work is the belief that it’s better to prevent harm than allow issues to escalate, then deal with the consequences. It’s the reason we focus on giving clients the information they need to intervene early.

But this liberal approach also brings responsibility. Our ethics make sure we treat data and people in a way that’s appropriate and proportionate.

What we do

We use data from many council agencies to create a joined-up, insightful view of a person or family. Having this full picture means you can make better decisions, take more effective action and have a bigger impact.

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