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We set out with a simple goal: to help public sector professionals work together better.

To achieve it, we developed a cloud-based platform, OneView. It shares structured and unstructured data from many agencies in a controlled and auditable way. It then organises that data into a single, pseudonymised view of a person or household. And it uses predictive modelling to identify the people most at risk of needing more support in 6-9 months’ time.

The platform presents its insights in the form of a case summary, which tells you everything you need to know about a person or household.

That includes what’s happened to them and when, and which interventions have worked before (and which haven’t). You can then use this information to decide what action to take next – whether that’s stepping the case down or intervening now to avoid stepping it up later.

OneView also provides management information to help you commission your services more effectively. This can be standard or bespoke (for example, a report on a particular area of interest). And because we’ve already processed 40 million records of structured and unstructured case notes, you can trust our processes are robust.

We help you get started – on any scale.

Not sure how to get going? Your entry point can be anything from a standalone research project to a full transformation of any (or all) of your service areas.

The OneView platform

Want to know more about how it works? Here’s a step-by-step guide to the OneView process.

We know from our years of experience that all clients have a different end point in mind. Which means their starting points are different, too.

We can help you work out what’s the best starting point for you, and how much (or how little) support you’ll need from us. We can then fit around your existing teams and technology or provide an end-to-end solution.

In our experience, clients start working with us on one of two kinds of project: research-based or strategic.

You’d like to do some research to explore a current challenge. But if you analyse the data manually, and from one service area only, you won’t see the full picture of the risk factors involved. We’ll match, collate and cleanse the data from multiple agencies, so you can understand the reality and decide on the way forward.

You want to transform how you deliver the services with the biggest problems or cost pressures. We’ve designed OneView to have a range of entry points, so we can implement it across one, several or all of your service areas.

Deploying OneView to your front line, fast

Our platform uses advanced analytics in all its processes, from matching and pseudonymising data to building predictive models. (Though it won’t do any of that without your approval.)

This advanced approach, along with our experience of managing complex programmes, means we can help you deploy OneView, fast. And with a clear, simple interface, your front-line professionals won’t need to be advanced to use it.

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