SCIE have partnered with Xantura to bring together SCIE’s unparalleled expertise in social care with Xantura’s innovative data analytics services.

The new partnership will enable councils to transform their social care work through enhanced analytics and operational tools whilst ensuring that the needs of those most in need of support and their social care practice teams remain at the heart of their delivery.

Through the ethical and proportionate sharing of wider council data which is supported by clear information governance protocols, social care workers can gain instant access to the relevant information they need to make more informed decisions to help their residents, while management teams can gain a better understanding of the areas of need and success of interventions within their wards.

The new partnership will deliver services across both Adult’s Social Care and Children’s Social Care with a central focus on improving the outcomes for vulnerable residents within the financial constraints that councils now find themselves in.

SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive Ewan King says:

The Covid-19 crisis has brought home the issue that in order to support, protect and provide good care to people, we need to know much more about our communities. For some time now the Holly Grail in social care has been to be able to access good, joined up data on those we work with; and now through this partnership, social care professionals can access better data to support those they support.

Xantura CEO Wajid Shafiq says:

When I founded Xantura over 10 years ago, the mission was to enable councils to use data in an ethical and proportionate way to improve outcomes for vulnerable people and prevent cases like Peter Connelly and Victoria Climbie from happening again. Our partnership with SCIE, and the expertise and experience they bring to the table will enable us to deliver our services to councils with the needs of vulnerable residents and front-line staff of the heart of our solutions.

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About SCIE

Adult social care faces unprecedented challenges. Rebuilding back to what we had before Covid-19 is unlikely to succeed; we need to reimagine how we deliver care. SCIE helps local authorities transform care and support in collaboration with citizens to deliver greater impact. We do this by using data and evidence to drive better decisions; re-designing commissioning; supporting productive and effective strengths-based practice; developing and supporting the implementation of innovative models of care at scale; and optimising the use of technology to drive better care. We want to work with ambitious and far sighted councils to design and deliver care with greater impact.

About Xantura

Xantura are a mission-driven organisation founded specially to help local authorities to improve outcomes for vulnerable people. We have over 10 years’ experience of working with local authorities across a range of areas including debt, homelessness, children’s services and adult’s services. Regardless of the service that we provide, the ambition is always the same – to help local authorities to improve outcomes for their vulnerable residents by enabling their front-line staff to have access to all the information they need to make quicker, more informed decisions.