There is a significant and rapidly escalating personal debt problem in the UK, aggravated by the Coronavirus pandemic and ongoing cost of living crisis. Standard debt collection practices are not sufficient to handle this emergency; they cost councils and individuals money that cannot be spared, and the uncoordinated approach means that rising numbers of vulnerable citizens are liable to fall through the gaps in the system, no matter how hard councils try to account for them.

In response to this urgent situation, we have released a Debt White Paper detailing the problems, and the tool with the potential to mitigate them – a Single View of Debt and Vulnerability. This system provides a holistic view of debt, increased collection rates, vastly improved outcomes for vulnerable people, reduced costs, and superior targeting of resources. A survey undertaken by Xantura shows that frontline debt teams all over the UK are unanimous about the extensive benefits of a Single View of Debt platform. Despite this, no surveyed council has such a system in place, and staff report very slow progress towards this goal. 

Xantura provides tailor-made solutions for every obstacle to the implementation of a Single View of Debt cited by debt teams. We are at a critical turning point for debt collection and urgent action must be taken to protect vulnerable people. Read the Debt White Paper to find out more about the difficulties councils face and a proven way to enhance outcomes for councils and vulnerable people alike.