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At Xantura, we’re leading the field in the ethical use of data to solve society’s fundamental problems.

And we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of this exciting, constantly evolving area with potential users, the public and the press.

In this section, you’ll find blogs, white papers and case studies we’ve created to raise awareness and continue the conversation. Have a browse, and if you have any questions, get in touch.

Xantura and Thurrock shortlisted for PFA Awards for pioneering debt work

A pioneering piece of work across council services has been shortlisted for the Solutions Partner Award at the Public Finance Awards ... read more

The context for improving information sharing in Children’s Services

The ethics and regulation around sharing information in Children’s Services has long been discussed and debated, in this blog Graham ... read more

Xantura and CIPFA partner to enable councils to help most vulnerable

Xantura are delighted to announce our new partnership with CIPFA to help councils identify the individuals and households most ... read more

Covid-19 and beyond – Reflections

As someone said recently, “we are using the word ‘unprecedented’ to an unprecedented extent.”  Many a true word...! In this blog we ... read more

How data can help Local Government in the fight against Covid-19

As we wrote about in our last blog the impact of COVID-19 will fall unequally on the most vulnerable people in society.  We already ... read more

How coronavirus will unfairly impact the most vulnerable

There are few events, if any that have impacted the world in such a short space of time as the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  For the ... read more

Is RBV still relevant after UC roll out?

When circular S11/2011 was issued RBV (Risk Based Verification) had already been around a couple of years following lengthy testing and pilot phases. A decade on and with Universal Credit roll out gathering pace is RBV still relevant? read more

Maximising the impact of early help resources

Faced with ongoing cuts to funding, public sector agencies need to leverage advanced analytics to improves outcomes for vulnerable groups, and in doing so address the demand for interventions that are causing the greatest financial pressure. read more

Public Finance Innovation Award Winners 2018

We were delighted to have been awarded the Public Finance Awards, Solutions Partner of the year 2018. The award was for the work we have been doing with London Ventures (London Councils and EY) to deliver cost savings and efficiency benefits to our children’s services clients. read more

Media coverage – a welcome debate / discussion

We welcome the Guardian and Telegraph articles which represent a balanced perspective on the opportunities, challenges and risks in adopting new analytical approaches in Children’s Services. We would like to make the following observations and clarifications on the deployment of our data sharing and analytics platform. read more

Circle overview

Free to download and free to use, circle keeps you in touch with friends, relatives, parents and children, letting them know you are safe, where you are or alerting them if you need assistance. read more

Alogorithm guided decision making in the public sector

Given rising pressure from demographic change and shrinking finances; the public sector is having to look for new ways to support and manage demand. read more

From the blog

Addressing concerns on the use of AI by local authorities

At xantura, we work with a growing number of local authorities to help them to improve outcomes for vulnerable people through the use ... read more

Single View of Debt: An Innovative Solution for an Urgent Problem

There is a significant and rapidly escalating personal debt problem in the UK, aggravated by the Coronavirus pandemic and ongoing cost ... read more

A proactive approach to debt collection and vulnerability identification in local government

The Cabinet Office Debt Management Vulnerability Toolkit is an invaluable best practice guide for frontline officers to be able to ... read more


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