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At Xantura, we’re leading the field in the ethical use of data to solve society’s fundamental problems.

And we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of this exciting, constantly evolving area with potential users, the public and the press.

In this section, you’ll find blogs, white papers and case studies we’ve created to raise awareness and continue the conversation. Have a browse, and if you have any questions, get in touch.

Covid-19 and beyond – Reflections

As someone said recently, “we are using the word ‘unprecedented’ to an unprecedented extent.”  Many a true word…! In this blog we read more

How data can help Local Government in the fight against Covid-19

As we wrote about in our last blog the impact of COVID-19 will fall unequally on the most vulnerable people in society.  We already ... read more

How coronavirus will unfairly impact the most vulnerable

There are few events, if any that have impacted the world in such a short space of time as the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  For the ... read more

Is RBV still relevant after UC roll out?

When circular S11/2011 was issued RBV (Risk Based Verification) had already been around a couple of years following lengthy testing and read more

Maximising the impact of early help resources

Faced with ongoing cuts to funding, public sector agencies need to leverage advanced analytics to improves outcomes for vulnerable ... read more

Public Finance Innovation Award Winners 2018

We were delighted to have been awarded the Public Finance Awards, Solutions Partner of the year 2018. The award was for the work we ... read more

Media coverage – a welcome debate / discussion

We welcome the Guardian and Telegraph articles which represent a balanced perspective on the opportunities, challenges and risks in ... read more

Circle overview

Free to download and free to use, circle keeps you in touch with friends, relatives, parents and children, letting them know you are ... read more

Alogorithm guided decision making in the public sector

Given rising pressure from demographic change and shrinking finances; the public sector is having to look for new ways to support and ... read more

Early Help Profiling System

Version 1.0 of Xantura’s Early Help Profiling System model is now built and is performing well. Four Local Authorities are moving into ... read more

IRRV Performance Award Winners October 2015

Our congratulations go to both East Riding Council Benefits Team (Winners of the Benefits Team of the Year) and to the London Borough ... read more

From the blog

Despite the headlines, new predictive analytics have the power to improve public sector decision-making for everyone’s benefit

As a small, innovative software company, plugging away for the past 12 years to help local authorities support vulnerable people, we ... read more

Why November is critical for local contact tracing

In a statement yesterday the Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, called on the government to spend the next few weeks of the ... read more

Thurrock Council & xantura win finance award for ground-breaking debt initiative

Xantura & Thurrock Council have won the ‘Solutions Partner’ award at the Public Finance Awards 2020 for their ... read more


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